Who ever would have thought that I, Mythos, the mightiest warrior of my village, would have trouble with little shrimps like this? These guys are barely bigger than Vrantoo, our village idiot. But they certainly aren't idiots when it comes to fighting. Some of them are easy when you get them alone. But some of them are tough little boogers too. And if you find yourself in a group of them, they cooperate like I wouldn't have believed. I haven't met the one who dresses all in black yet, but he's supposed to be really tough.

I wonder what hit this town. Was it these little Enfans? If it was, they sure did a good job of conquering it. There're ruined buildings and rubble everywhere. Luckily, when I fight my way through these guys, I do find a bit of treasure here and there. I've been through that church and most of those shops... Do I dare try these sewers?

These stupid enfans are everywhere. They're like ants. I'm beginning to wonder if their size is part of their defense. Maybe everyone underestimates them because they're kind of small. They almost look like children, and all but the most evil hesitate to attack children. Their scampering over the rubble and through the streets in their colorful outfits remind me of the festivals back home - except at the festivals the children didn't try to kill you and loot your corpse

Mage's Tower
Well…. There it is. I, Mythos, mightiest warrior in the known realms (at least that's what I brag when there's no one stronger around), stand before the infamous "Mage's Tower! Nannies use stories of this place to scare young children into behaving. Bah! It just looks like any old building… very tall, but any old building anyway.

Wait! This is not just any old building. This front gate looks like it's made out of DIAMOND! The gate alone must be worth a kingdom. It is far too large and heavy to even think about taking… but if this is a hint to the treasures inside I had better carry a towel for my drool.

The hallways inside have little lighting, but glow with a magical power. That's a little disconcerting to an earthy warrior like myself. But not nearly as weird as the disembodied eyes and hands floating around! Ick! Down here on the lower levels there seem to be a lot of students and apprentices. They are no match for the skills I bring, but the teachers hold out briefly. Hrmmmmm, I wonder who teaches the teachers?

The higher I go, the more difficult things become. There are indeed many strange and wonderous things in this tower. I can see why normal folks give it wide berth. Almost every level has a golem guarding the stairs, and each hallway has a multitude of doors guarding the secrets of what hides behind.

Finally… I'm near the very top. The walk alone has been exhausting. And now… I see who teaches the teachers! Masters and their apprentices anywhere I turn. These are no mere students dabbling in the beginnings of their careers. I truly hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. I have a funny feeling creeping up my spine that there is more here than meets the eye. Well… One way to find out - here I go!

I can't believe that I made it past all those revolutionaries. I, Mythos, bravest warrior of my village, had taken on the whole nest. There were a lot of them, and I had to flee on occasion (although I'll never mention that part when I get back to the tavern), but the treasure was good. I'll need to recruit some others and come back, there were some places that even I couldn't manage alone. Either way, the authorities should be warned that they may be the target of an overthrow. Maybe they'll give me a reward.

Swimming through that pool of acid to escape the revolutionaries has taken its toll. I'll take the next steps of my exploration slowly. I've spent so many days in these damn caves that I almost wish I was back out in that desert at the entrance. Almost.

These caves are eerie. It almost looks like these stalagtites are actually moving. Guess I've been down here too long. Wait! That one DID move! It's... It's... It's a Rokman! He's huge! And he looks mad. Luckily I always explore with my weapons at the ready. Ouch! His blows are like being in an avalanche. Mine seem to merely glance off his rock skin.Small chips fly off him, but this will take forever... or until my death. I draw my magical stiletto and rejoice to see that the disintegrate spell imbued within it seems to have better effect. Sweat is pouring from me when the Rokman eventually goes down. I have to rest.

As I follow the ledge, my eyes are met with an astounding sight. The guys at the tavern will never believe this. A temple! Carved right into the stone face of the cavern wall. It's gigantic. Figures as tall as the tallest buildings back home. And, and they're Rokmen! What awaits inside? I've met giant millipedes in here, and giant scorpions, and of course those rabid revolutionaries. And I've heard the legends of the River Hag deep within the escape route of this place. So far I've managed to avoid the dragon so fearsome it is only described in whispers. But I've never heard tell of a Rokman Temple. I bet there's huge amounts of treasure within.

...Now... the only decision is whether to try and conquer it myself, or to try and find my way out and come back with a group...

White Plume
Ambitious nobles, think you've seen it all? Looking for a new challenge? If you've mastered Narnia and domesticated Magnathor, perhaps you have overlooked one of our most interesting areas, White Plume.

White Plume Caves hold many wonders and terrors. Brave a dank, musty crypt to slay the vampire Amelia, or engage the bizarre minions of the sorcerer Qesnef. You might even find yourself wandering through the labyrinth of White Plume Tower to meet the Mage himself.

There are many secrets in this diverse and exotic area, and many rewards to your challenges. Be warned, this is a noble area, and groups are highly recommended.

We thank Nalak for almost completely redesigning, reworking, and rewriting one of the most interesting new additions to the Underworld. It can be found in the volcano that lies on northern shores of the Dark River.