Humans are supposedly the most common race in the realms. Humans excel in their chosen professions and, subsequently get the prime requisite of that class increased by one.


Dwarves are stout short, dour people fond of precious metals. While their stubby little legs give them fewer movement points, they do regain it at a faster rate than normal. Dwarves are also more tolerant to poison than others. Dwarves hate goblinoids and have a tendancy to attack them on sight. They particularly despise orcs and are sometimes become so overwhelmed with bloodlust that they cannot help but attack them. This hatred gives dwarves a +1 bonus to hit and damage when combatting a goblinoid. Dwarves are also trained defensive combat techniques when combatting giant sized opponents. Dwarves are somewhat magic resistant, and they don't like magical items in general. They have a 20% chance of having a magical item they use not work. An exception to this are dwarven clerics using clerical magic. This resistance is based on a dwarf's constitution and helps dwarves against spells and paralysis based attacks. Dwarves make fierce warriors and clerics.


Elves are fair woodland creatures, generally more aloof than the other races. Elves gain intrinsic infravision as well as immunities to sleep and charm magiks, but they have a frailty towards poisons. Elves are more in tune with magic than are the other races and subsequently regain mana faster. Elves make good mages and thieves.


Gnomes are similar to dwarves. While not as stout, they possess a similar magic tolerance which sometimes interferes with their ability to use magical items. Gnomes have infravision, and their hatred of the goblinoid races gives them advantages when fighting them.


Halflings are short, stout folk, fond of eating, drinking merriment. They live in smials and some have been known to possess infravision. Halflings are nimble and have the same paralysis and spell resistances as dwarves. Halflings are also somewhat resistant to poisons. Halflings make good thieves.


These noisy brutes are some of the fiercest fighters in the realms. They know no fear and are never wimpy. They eat an enormous amount of food, but renegerate hitpoints faster that other races. They have more movement that elves, an intrinsic +1 to damage, and an intrinsic -15 off of their armor class. They never get more than 3 practices per level, and some think they are funny to talk to. Oy, they are also able to fight beyond the point where other races reach exhaustion.


Trolls are large creatures who are not very attractive. Therefore, they tend to have lower dexterity and charisma. However, they do regenerate quickly!


Giants are basically huge humans. Since they are giants they may do preforms certain skills on huge mobs that you normally can not.