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Featured Areas: Enfans!
Remorts: Assassin and Barbarian (including a new remort challenge)
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The Mud Connector
In every reality, there're dark corners and recesses where imagination reigns supreme: that's...

The Underworld!
The Underworld invites you to battle dragons and demons… to rescue the oppressed, and conquer tyrants. Come face your own fears on a M.U.D. that was established in 1988. There's an ever-expanding 15,000 rooms in 120 zones with over 3500 distinct mobs and 3800 distinct objects.

You can create your alter-ego from 8 classes (with multi-class characters too) and 10 races. Explore individually or join one of the many active clans. Work your character through 65 levels of mortal play and possibly become a God to continue through another 10 levels. Another choice is to become a "Player-killer!" Stalk and kill other player-killers for an entirely different dimension to mudding (don't worry - nonplayer-killers are safe).

The Underworld also offers features to make your experience more enjoyable. These include:
  • Quests from the gods
  • Individualized trials and prizes
  • Chaos Nights (where everyone can be a player-killer but return safely)
  • A Hospital to buy more hitpoints or mana, increases in attributes, or freedom from hunger/thirst
  • An automated auction system to sell your loot when you're not even on

Based on sillymud, the code is very stable and has been reworked for optimum performance and enjoyment. Lag is non-existant, as The Underworld is running on a dedicate AMD K7 1.4Ghz server with 1Gig of RAM which is directly connected to the fiber backbone of a network with over 250Mb/s of available Internet bandwidth.