What to expect when you get on the mud

Setting up a character

How to communciate

Getting and wearing equipment

Moving and finding your way around

Things you may encounter

This page contains lots of information for those of you who may be new to the Underworld or new to muds in general. Below is a table of contents for this page. A lot of this information is geared towards players who are new to mudding, however many of you who are new to just this mud may find it helpful. Even those of you who have been playing the Underworld may learn a thing or two! Click on a topic to start there, or just start scrolling down through and read everything!

What to expect when you get on the mud

When you get on a mud, you can expect to be taken into a whole new world. Your mission in this new world is to gain levels and survive (and of course to have fun). On the Underworld you will find a friendly group of people, both gods and mortals, who are willing to help you out when you're in trouble, or answer any questions you may have.

When you get on the Underworld, you will create a character. You will have to get equipment for that character and then start on your journey. You will be able to learn special skills and spells, depending on how you set your character up. You will need to go to a guild which is specially designated for your class to learn how to use these spells. The person who teaches you is called your guildmaster. (This will all make more sense as you read if you are new to this)Read on to find out how to start your journey through the Underworld.

Setting up a character

When you connect to the Underworld you will be asked a series of questions which will help you make your character. Your character will be unique, just like a real person.

The first question you will be asked is what your name is. Choose something that you will respond to, and that is fairly quick and easy for you to type. If the name is one which noone has taken yet, it will ask you if this is correct. If it is, type 'y' for yes. If the name is already used, it will assume you have been here before and will ask you for a password. If this is the case, just hit return until you are taken back to the name question and you can try another name.

The next thing you need to do is give a password. This, like any other password should be original. You will be asked to enter it two times to be sure that you haven't made any typos.

Next, you will be asked to enter your race. Your race will be something like elf, troll or giant. As you can imagine, an elf is smaller than a giant. It therefore will able to more more easily (i.e. in the game it will take less movement points to go somewhere) than the giant. Each race has it's own characteristics. To see more about these, go the the races page by using the menu at the side.

The next question is which gender you are. Pretty straightforward.

Next you get to choose your stats. There are 6 of them, and each does something different.

  • Strength (S) - This determines how strong your character is.
  • Intelligence (I) - This determines how quick you learn things.
  • Wisdom (W) - This helps with how good you are at casting spells.
  • Constitution (Co) - This number determines how many hitpoints you will start out with. It also determines how many hitpoints you will gain each time you level.
  • Dexterity (D) - This determines how easily you can move around the game.
  • Charisma (Ch) - This determines how much you will have to pay for things at the shops in the game.
When you are setting up your character, you will be choosing which of these stats are most important to you. The one you place first in the list will be the one you have the most of, and subsequently, the one you place last, you will have the least of. In the game, each one will be a value with a maximum of 18. The lowest value you can get for any of these is a 9. This table will show you what the high and low numbers mean for each of the stats listed above.
Stat If it is high If it is low
S You will be able to hit harder when you are fighting mobs. Thieves will be a little better at backstabbing. You will not hit as hard.
I You will use less practices at your guildmaster or others who teach you skills and spells. With an 18 here, it will probably take 2 practices to learn something as well as your guildmaster can teach you. You will have to spend a lot more practice sessions learning any one skill from your guildmaster. It could take up to 8 or so practices if you have a 9 for this value.
W You will be more successful at casting spells. You will often fail at casting spells.
D You will take less movement points to move through the areas. This means that you will have to rest less often when you are walking around a lot. Thieves will backstab better. You will take more movement points to go through the areas. You will consequently have to rest more often because you are exhausted. Thieves will miss the backstab more often.
Co You will start out with more hitpoints. You will also gain more each time you level. After gaining 15 levels, you may gain up to 120 hitpoints! You will have less hitpoints when you start. You will also get less each time you level. So by the time you gain 15 levels, you may have only gained 60 hitpoints.
Ch You will have to pay less money when you go into a shop to buy things. Also, when you sell things, you will get more money. When you go into the shops, items will be more expensive. You will also get less money for things you sell to shopkeepers.

The next question will be about your class. Each class is sort of like an occupation. It determines what you will be skilled in and what kinds of things your character can do. We currently have 7 classes. Here is a general list of what each class does.

  • Mage - Casts spells which assist in fighting.
  • Cleric - Casts spells which are good for healing.
  • Warrior - Strong fighters who are good and using their skills to kill.
  • Thief - Sneaky character who can backstab, pick locks and steal.
  • Monk - Strong like a warrior, but relies more on strength than skills.
  • Druid - Like a mage/cleric, but has to remain a certain alignment.
  • Psionicst - Similar to mage/clerics that can cast spells.
  • Paladin - Similar to warriors, however they must remain good.
For more information on these classes, choose "classes" from the menu to the left.

Not only can you choose to be one of these classes, but you can also multiclass, which means you can play more than one with the same character. This only applies to the mage, cleric, warrior and thief. You can choose up to 3 classes for a character.

That is the end of making your character. You will now be ready to enter the game. The menu will come up offering you 6 choices.

    0] Flee from the Underworld - Leave.
    1] Enter in Midgaard - This will start you in the main city (or wherever you rented)
    2] Enter a character description - A description others see when they look at you.
    3] Read background story - Not yet in.. being written
    4] Change password - Self explanatory
    5] Enter somewhere else - Depending how you last left the game, this lets you enter in a different city.

    6] Delete this character - If you want to start over with the same name.. delete the current character.

How to communicate

Once you enter the game, you will undoubtedly come across some people who you will want to talk to (or maybe you'll just feel like screaming "HELP!). Either way, you will need to understand how to communicate. There are many different ways to do this, where you will reach many different people (to see who the people are who are on the mud, type who).

If you want to talk to the people who are in the room with you, you will use say. To see who is in the room, type look. So, if you want to say hi to everyone standing in the room, simply type say hi.

If you see one certain person on the mud that you want to talk to, you can use tell. This will tell only the person that you name the information. For example, you see that Melkor is online, and you want to tell him what a great mud he has! Type tell melkor nice mud here! Only Melkor will see this message. You do not need to use capital letters, and like was stated earlier on this page, abbreviatons work. So, you could just type tell melk nice mud here! The only way that would not work, is if some guy named Melk was on, in which case the message would go to him.

There are also several means of talking to everyone on the mud. These are called channels. We have 4 of them. When you begin the game, none of them are on, so you have to turn them on. To turn them on, simply type they name of the channel and hit return. The channels are: gossip, chat, music, and auction. To then communicate over any of the channels, type the channel name, followed by the message you want to send out. Anyone on the mud who has the channel turned on will hear what you say.

Another way to communicate is by using socials. These are preprogrammed actions that you may want to do. For example, if you want to smile, you can just type smile, and it will say "You smile happily." If you want to smile at our everpopular implementor Melkor, and he standing in the room with you, type smile melkor and it will say "You smile at Melkor." The other people in the room will see that you smiled at him also. There are over 790 of these in the mud, so chances are if you want to do an action, it is there. To see the complete list, type allsocial.

Another way of communicating is through emotes. These are like socials, but you get to make your own. To use them type emote <your action>. what will appear on the screen is <Your name> <your action>. So, if your name is Joe and you type emote stands on his head, everyone in the room will see Joe stands on his head. If you type emote I need HELP, everyone in the room will see Joe I need HELP. You'll catch on!

Getting/Wearing equipment

Once you know how to communicate with others, you will probably want to start playing. One thing you will want to do is put on some armor and get a weapon. To see what you are wearing, type equipment (or eq for short). There are 17 postions on your body where you can wear things. If you type inventory (or i for short) you will be seeing what you are carrying. If you want to see what is on the ground in the room you are in, type look (or l for short).

So, lets say you come into the game, you look, and you see a Newbie Bag sitting on the ground. To get the bag, type get bag. The game only understands one word at a time. So, if you would type get newbie bag.. it would think that you wanted to get the newbie from the bag. You must refer to any item with only one word, or, put dashes between the words (get newbie-bag for example).

Now, you typed get bag. If you type i (for inventory) you will see that you are holding it. To see what is inside the bag, type examine bag. (Examine will look inside something, while look will just look at it. You can use <look in> to mean the same thing as examine). You see that the bag is filled with stuff.

To get stuff out of the bag, you can type get <object> bag if you want one object, or you can type get all bag if you want everything. So, if you want just the dagger, type get dagger bag. If you then type i again, you will see what you are holding.

To wear something, it must be in your inventory. Type wear <object> to wear something specific, or wear all to wear everything. Some things you cannot wear though. For instance, weapons need to be worn in a different way so that you can use them to fight. To use them, type wield <weapon>. For example, type wield dagger. You can also choose to hold things. You can hold a second weapon, a light, bags, wands, potions etc. Choose carefully what you hold... it can really help you in the game! If you then type eq, you will see what you are wearing, holding and wielding. If you need to take something off, type remove <object>. This command works for things you wear, wield or hold. The object will then be placed in your inventory again.

If you want to get something out of your inventory (maybe because you can't hold any more weight, or you have too many items), you can get rid of it in many ways. First, you can drop it, which will place it on the ground in the room you are in (ex. drop helmet). Next, if it something that you feel is useless and you want to get rid of it, you can junk it (ex. junk bone). Or, if it something that you feel others could benefit from using, you can donate it. This will place it in the donation room (although sometimes items magically get lost on their transport from you to the donation room). To do this type donate <item> (ex. donate ring). With any of these, you will want to be sure that you are getting rid of the correct thing. If you have 6 rings in your inventory. it will get rid of the last one which was put there if you just type junk ring. So be careful!

Moving and finding your way around

When you enter the game, you will be in the city of Midgaard (there is a map of the city here). To move, you will be going mostly in 6 directions, north, south, east, west, up and down. Each direction can be abbreviated to its first letter. So, if you want to move south, type s. If you want to go north, type n, etc. Now, you know how to move, but the next thing is how do you know where you are going? If you type exit, you will see all the visible exits from the room you are in. Closed doors and hidden passages will not show up.

Market Square is the center of Midgaard. Here is a list of the guilds and how to get to each from market square. You will want to visit the guild for each class you have chosen to be. There you will be able to practice skills and spells as well as gain levels when you have enough experience.

  • Mage's Guild - 2w2se (2 west, 2 south, east)
  • Cleric's Guild - nwnw
  • Warrior's Guild - 2eses
  • Thieves Guild - seses
  • Monk's Guild - 5w4n5w5n5e
  • Druid's Guild - 7w2sese5s
  • Psionicst Guild - s2en
  • Paladin Guild - 3en4eu
Also, to save your things in the game when you are ready to leave, you must rent. If you type quit, you will lose everything. To get to the inn from market square, go north, east and up.

Things you may encounter

In the Underworld, there are many mobs and objects. If you want to know if a mob is a real person or a creation of the game, type who. If the name is listed when you type who, then it is a real person who has a character just like you. If the name is not there, it is proabably a mob, which is a creation of the game that is programmed to do what it does.

If you want to know what an object does, take it to our ID man, Kranton. He is located es from market square. Give him an item, and for a small fee, he will tell you all about it and give it back to you.